<![CDATA[Virtuosity Dance Centre, Golden CO - Blogs/Thoughts]]>Thu, 05 Oct 2017 21:39:13 -0600Weebly<![CDATA[What to expect at VDC in regards to performing´╗┐]]>Thu, 28 Jul 2016 23:58:55 GMThttp://vdancecentre.com/blogsthoughts/what-to-expect-at-vdc-in-regards-to-performing​While dance is a performance art, we do not require students to participate in our shows.  If a family does decide to participate, however, then rehearsals are mandatory and good attendance to class is a must. At the beginning of each semester, your family will receive performance registration forms that will let you know the date of which we need to know if you plan on opting out of the performance.
There is generally one piece from each class in our show (company dancers excluded).  How much stage time a dancer gets is directly related to class participation and attendance. 
Costume fees are assessed in the amount of $60 per piece.  If reusing old costumes or wearing tights/leotards that performers already own is appropriate or possible, than we may do that, but please just assume that there will be a costume fee associated with the performance of any class.  Once the costumes have been purchased, they are non-refundable even if a parent decides to withdraw their student from class or the performance. 
We do not charge “recital fees” as many schools do.  Instead, you simply purchase the tickets you will actually use to see your child/children perform.  Please keep in mind that renting a theater and staffing it are not free.  I can promise you that no one is getting rich off of your ticket purchases. 
What to expect for the rehearsal schedule during performance week:
  • Monday- Act I only: 4-6pm
  • Tuesday- Act II only: 4-6pm
  • Wednesday-  Act I: 4-5:30pm
  • Wednesday- Act II: 5:30-7pm
  • Thursday- Act I & II together: 4-6:30pm
  • Friday theater call is 4pm with performance at 6pm
  • Saturday theater call is 12pm with performance at 2pm
Things to know and remember about performance time:
  • VDC works hard to create a performance that is not just a “recital.”  By that we mean to facilitate a professional style environment where our students learn theater etiquette and terminology as well as proper performance techniques and know-how.  We spend a week in the theater together to get to know the space as well as each other and this allows performers to become comfortable with the idea of being on stage.  They also make friends, see other styles of dance and performance art forms, get a chance to look up to the bigger kids or learn to become a mentor and support the younger students.  They have the opportunity to truly connect with their art form and see that it is bigger than themselves while learning to work as a team and fostering their own self-expression.  It is truly a magical week.  The youngest stay enchanted and engaged while the older dancers learn, grow and build confidence in a huge way.
  • Parents are NEVER required to attend the rehearsals 
  • VDC views dance as a performance art and treats it as such.  However, while we strongly encourage participation in our performances, it is not required.  Students may simply take class throughout the semester and not perform at the end.
  • Currently VDC operates with a Fall semester that generally operates mid-August to mid-December with a Holiday season performance and a second (separate semester) that runs mid-January to the end of May and concludes with a second Spring concert of dance. 
  • Producing a show is a huge undertaking and it requires a lot of time and money.  VDC does not charge a, “recital fee,’ as many schools do.  Instead, we do ask the audience to purchase their tickets to attend the performance and we do require the costumes to be purchased by the students/guardians. 
  • The students put many hours and a lot of hard work into their dance education.  It takes hours to learn and perfect one minute of choreography.  For this reason and also to accommodate many schedules, we host our performance twice every season with one evening show and one matinee (company dancers and adults may have more performance opportunities).  Parents do not need to attend every performance (although we hope you do).  We know the schedule can be demanding for families in this modern day.  Just know that your little dancer is in good hands and if they find that dance ignites something within them, they crave the stage time.  The stage is the reward for all of the hours of work put into the studio.  While non-performers sometimes don’t understand this feeling, trust us, your dancers do!
  • As of now, all those extra hours and stage time are free. They are not currently bundled into your tuition hours. So, we encourage you to enjoy the hours that we have your child with us engaged in the arts.
  • It can be hard.  It can be exhausting, we know!  All of the teachers are volunteering their time to be present for the week.  We do our best and are always trying to improve the process.  Adding light and sound tech can be slow and frustrating.  Please try to be patient and know that the outcome is worth the work and time. 
We hold deep gratitude for all of you within the VDC circle and are thankful for the opportunity to pass on this art we love to your children.  Thank you for being a part of our family and for allowing us to be a part of yours.  We are honored.  We are committed to your child’s education and we are here for YOU!
Amanda Hill & Team VDC